Beaulieu of America Carpeting

If you are looking for great carpet in Denver, you should take a look at Denver Carpet and Hardwood’s Beaulieu carpet line. Beaulieu is the third largest manufacture of carpet in the country. Carpet is their speciality and they are the largest carpet-only manufacturer in the world. Denver Carpet and Hardwood offers all of the Beaulieu lines, from the Bliss line for the comfort of your home or their Property management line for that contractor trying to carpet a whole apartment complex. Beaulieu has all styles and colors a home or property owner could ever want or need. Denver Carpet and Hardwood is the Beaulieu dealer you want to help you find the best carpet for your preferences.


Beaulieu created this collection for women. The company surveyed hundreds of females to find out just what they wanted and needed in carpet. This collection not only answers these questions but many others. Beaulieu also created Magic Fresh carpet treatment which is in most of the styles in this line. Magic Fresh is built into each fiber to reduce odor in the home. For more information on Beaulieu’s Bliss, contact your Denver Carpet and Hardwood rep today.


Do you need great carpet on your property? Denver Carpet and Hardwood has it. This carpet not only has the Magic fresh mentioned above but it also can be cleaned with 50/50 water and bleach for those tough stains. What a great carpet for property managers and landlords needing a durable, long-lasting carpet.

Your number one dealer for Beaulieu carpet in Denver is Denver Carpet and Hardwood. Give us a call today!