Stainmaster Carpet Products

Want the best carpet on the market? Let Denver’s number one Stainmaster carpet flooring dealer set you up with a carpet to last a lifetime.

Let’s get a few things straight about Stainmaster. While it is the leading stain resistance in carpet, it is not an actual brand of carpet. Stainmaster is a stain resistance that is put in Nylon 6,6 which is the most resilient carpet fiber.

Stainmaster was created not only to be the best in stain resistance, but also the best all around package. Applying the Fiber Shield in the color process makes the strand very resistant to stains and soils, as well as causing the stain repellant to not wear off of the fiber – ever!

So in conclusion Nylon 6,6 with a Stainmaster stain resistant is the best carpet in the industry for the best resilience to stains in the market. Denver Carpet and Hardwood offers many Stainmaster carpet flooring products for Denver and surrounding areas. We are the leading Stainmaster carpet flooring dealer in Denver!