Denver Professional Cork Flooring

When looking into cork flooring options in Denver, don’t forget Denver Carpet and Hardwood. Cork is a unique flooring option and an elegant and classy solution for the home and office. Consider cork floors for high traffic areas that you want to remain attractive and durable at the same time. Cork tends to rebound, making it resistant to damage. Denver Carpet and Hardwood offers several colors and patterns of cork flooring for all tastes and purposes.

Cork absorbs sound and impact and provides a natural cushioning. Warm and resilient, cork floors are perfect for small children, large dogs, and aerobics studios. The installation of cork flooring is generally very simple with floor planks clicking together quickly and efficiently. Some cork tiles may also require a minimal amount of glue. All adhesives are 100% safe for the family and pets. Denver Carpet and Hardwood’s certified cork flooring installation experts will have your new floors down with very little impact to your daily life.

Cork floors are made from the bark of the cork oak tree, which grows mainly in Portugal and Spain. Older trees provide the highest quality cork and the cork cannot even be harvested until the tree is at least 25 years old. After harvesting, cork is aged in the open air of the forest for an additional six months, resulting in a distinctive and elegant quality. Then the cork is ground up and pressed into shape.

Durable – Resilient – Elegant – Beautiful

The cork oak tree is not harmed during the harvest and cork can be harvested again after several years, which means this flooring solution is environmentally friendly and sustainable! A harvested cork tree actually absorbs up to five times more carbon dioxide than a tree pre-harvest. Contact the professionals at Denver Carpet and Hardwood, LLC for more information on this beautiful and eco-friendly flooring solution.

Cork is anti-microbial but it does absorb moisture and is not recommended for bathrooms. However, cork will “spring” back to shape and is fine for furniture and high traffic areas of the home. It provides a natural insulation and reduces noise and vibration. If you are wondering whether cork is the right answer to your flooring questions, contact al cork flooring expert at Denver Carpet and Hardwood, LLC.

Cork is naturally beautiful, flexible and durable and has a magnificent texture. We strive to maintain the natural qualities of cork and treat all floors with a polyurethane finish for protection. Floating cork floors may be installed directly over an existing floor, concrete slabs or construction-grade plywood. A certified specialist will travel to your home or office to answer your questions, suggest a solution, and provide you with a detailed and competitive quote. Interested in cork flooring yet? Contact Denver Carpet and Hardwood, LLC and improve your property today.

Cork Provides an Elegant and Unique Floor!