Domestic Heart Pine Wood Flooring

Heart pine is the wood taken from the middle part of the Southern Pine tree. It is the densest, strongest part of the tree and has a golden red color to it, making it a preferred choice among woodworkers and builders. The Janka rating (that is, the rating that measures the resistance of a sample of wood to denting and wear) is 1225, whereas Oak has a rating of 1290, meaning it is slightly softer than oak. Although this wood is a little bit easier to scratch and dent than oak, the same properties that make it softer also give this wood great character.

Heart pine was used by the British colonists to build the nation’s first structures. It was also used to build the first great textile mills that drove this country forward. For hundreds of years it has made an excellent construction choice, and now you can choose to have it in your own home.

If Heart Pine piques your domestic hardwood flooring interest, give Denver Carpet and Hardwood a call. We can come out, measure your home and give you a quote on the spot.