Bamboo Flooring

A Huge Selection!

Bamboo is a unique hardwood flooring product. When considering carpet or hardwood flooring in Denver, bamboo is a wonderful option. Bamboo is unique in that when harvested it is not cut down all the way. As a result, the same plant can be harvested every three to seven years. This makes bamboo flooring a very environmentally friendly choice, since there is little to no environmental impact because they do not remove the entire plant.

Denver Carpet and Hardwood carries all the unique looks that bamboo flooring has to offer. Whether it is the cross-cut traditional look or the strand look, we have it. The following explains a bit about the differences between Traditional Bamboo and Strand bamboo flooring at Denver Carpet and Hardwood:

Strand Bamboo

Strand bamboo is created by boiling the bamboo shoots to separate the sugar from the bamboo. Once the bamboo is removed from the sugar, the high quality strands are woven together. Bamboo is then put into a very high pressure machine with a water resistant resin to laminate the strands together, making the bamboo stronger and more water resistant than the traditional bamboo.

Traditional Bamboo

Traditional bamboo is cut or peeled like wood, giving it the traditional hardwood floorlook.

It should be noted that any type of bamboo is not recommended for the bathroom, as the moisture (steam) from all the long hot showers you take in the Denver winter gets into the pores of bamboo and causes it to curl. For your bathroom, be sure to check out our other Denver carpet or hardwood flooring options.

If you have any questions about bamboo flooring, Denver Carpet and Hardwood is here to help you pick the perfect bamboo for your newly redone room!