Exotic Acacia Wood Flooring

Acacia trees and shrubs grow in the tropic lowlands of Asia and Australia. These trees grow to about 145 feet tall and are very twisty in nature, so much so that they wrap around themselves. If you’re thinking about acacia exotic flooring in your home, know that the random lengths are of a shorter nature, around 1 to 4 feet in length.

There are actually two different kinds of acacia to be aware of. Typical acacia is multi-colored, from light blond to dark chocolate brown. This type is the hardest form of acacia because it comes from the heart of the tree. Its reading on the Janka scale (the rating that measures the resistance of a sample of wood to denting and wear) is 1750. With this type of hardness and the right finishing, this is a great wood for flooring. And the multiple colors help hide the surface scratches that can occur. If you’re interested in fitting your home with exotic acacia hardwood flooring, give Denver Carpet and Hardwood a call today.

The other type of acacia hardwood is not as multi-colored, and is usually a more golden oak color. This acacia is soft on the Janka scale, rating about 1280, which is softer than red oak. This means it is easier to dent than the other variety. If you have more questions about the two types of exotic acacia hardwood flooring, Denver Carpet and Hardwood’s exotic wood experts are ready to answer them.