Walnut Wood Flooring

Walnut is a softer wood so those interested in the unique look of domestic walnut hardwood flooring should be aware that day to day traffic could scratch your beautiful new floor. If you are a couple or have a small family, then walnut may be a good choice. If you have pets and kids walnut may not work. Walnut needs to be a careful selection. The domestic hardwood flooring walnut experts at Denver Carpet and Hardwood can help you make the right decision for your home.

Walnut is a beautiful, naturally dark wood, so much so that a stain may not even be necessary. That again is a decision that is up to you. Naturally dark wood only gets darker with a stain. Walnut in a home fits great in a large room with a lot of natural light. But be careful in choosing the wood to avoid making your rooms look smaller than they are.

Denver Carpet and Hardwood offers great walnut domestic hardwood selection for you to choose the perfect look for your new floors.