Yellow Birch Wood Flooring

Yellow Birch is typically a product of the United States and Canada. Yellow Birch has about the same hardness of White Oak, ranking at about 1260 on the Janka test (the rating that measures the resistance of a sample of wood to denting and wear). This product has a great country look to it. Its blonde coloring and knots and mineral streaks makes the looks of yellow birch very rustic. If you’re seeking a rustic look to your Denver home flooring, yellow birch domestic hardwood may be perfect for you.

Denver Carpet and Hardwood has many samples of birch to choose from, many with a county feel and some with a more contemporary look. When yellow birch is manufactured, each board is hand-selected for each of the different looks, whether it is the common or the select grades.

Yellow Birch is a great choice of wood if you’re looking for a lighter wood and you don’t want Oak. To get started on installing your yellow birch domestic hardwood flooring, call Denver Carpet and Hardwood today!