Exotic Merbau Wood Flooring

Merbau comes from the Philippines, Indonesia, and Australia. Usually merbau starts out as a yellowish to orange-brown color, but over time the color changes to brown or red brown. Not every piece is going to darken to a uniform floor. The floor will be varied though out the time you have it.

Merbau exotic hardwood flooring by Denver Carpet and Hardwood is characterized by a course textured grain from straight to interlocked or even wavy grain lines. Merbau is very similar to mahogany, and sapele wood. The only difference is the grain design that each wood portrays. It makes a great flooring wood because it is extremely durable. It is so hard, In fact, that it can be difficult to manufacture without specialized machinery. The rich, natural oil in Merbau is the main feature of this wood, which makes it more durable than other woods. It has minimal shrinkage and can withstand extremes of climate.

Merbau would be a great addition to your new or newly renovated home. To learn more about exotic merbau hardwood flooring, give Denver Carpet and Hardwood a call today.