Mohawk Carpeting

When looking for Mowhawk flooring, Denver Carpet and Hardwood has an unbeatable selection. Mohawk is one of the leading manufacturers of carpet in the world and is the one and only maker of the Dupont Smartstrand.

Want a green product? Mohawk has it on in their Everstrand product line. This product is made from recycled plastic bottles. What better way to help the environment than to have a product that is all recycled? Not only are you helping save the earth you are bringing great styles and colors to your home.

Denver Carpet and Hardwood also offers Mohawk flooring’s Wear-Dated line, a product that is not only has style but is great for kids and pets. Denver Carpet and Hardwood loves a product that has Scotchguard Advanced Repel Technology. When you purchase this line it is also backed by their robust warranty of up to 20 years.

Mohawk offers great carpets in every color and style. Denver Carpet and Hardwood is here to help you make a great decision on your Mowhawk carpet needs. Just give us a call.