Exotic Brazilian Cherry Wood Flooring

Looking for that cherry look in a very contemporary wood? Brazilian Cherry hardwood flooring, available at Denver Carpet and Hardwood, may be your answer. Brazilian cherry has a reddish tone with a very clean grain look and few noticeable knots in the wood. Brazilian cherry will darken over time, so if you are looking for that dark red you will get it out of the Brazilian Cherry – it’ll just take a couple years to get to that color. Patience is a virtue with this wood.

Brazilian Cherry is an exotic hardwood coming from either the Caribbean or Central and South America. For woods coming from this tropical climate, the drying time is very important. Each of the manufacturers Denver Carpet and Hardwood works with take a great deal of time in kiln drying their Brazilian cherry products. Some of the drying is done when it gets to Denver, but since Colorado is so dry, we do need to let Brazilian Cherry acclimate to the home. This way there are fewer issues with the wood shrinking after installation. Our exotic hardwood experts at Denver Carpet and Flooring know Brazilian Cherry needs to be acclimated, and are happy to discuss it with you before installation.