Wool Carpeting

For better comfort and insulation during those cold Denver winters, consider wool carpet flooring, available at Denver Carpet and Hardwood. If you are looking for a Berber carpet you will need to make a choice between synthetic or a natural fiber. When looking at wool you will need to spend a little more money. The benefits of wool make up for the cost difference between natural and synthetic fibers.

Wool Berber has a lot of natural reasons why it is a great product. Wool is a natural insulator, perfect for Denver’s harsh winters, and it’s naturally hypoallergenic and is non-toxic. Another benefit to Berber is that it does not show the traffic footsteps or the vacuum marks that so many people don’t like.

Wool Berber is also not hard to keep clean as long as you keep a few things in mind. You must have the carpet cleaned with wool cleaner and not a chemical cleaner; you don’t want to strip the wool of the natural lanolin which helps the wool repel dirt. And the more wool carpet is vacuumed the the less opporunity dirt has to get lodged in the carpet fibers. One of the most important things to remember about wool carpet flooring: do not over wet wool. When it dries it shrinks and can even pull away from the walls.

For great wool carpet flooring selection, visit Denver Carpet and Hardwood’s showroom. We have a large selection on wool Berber and wool Berber mix carpets to make your home cozy.