How to Maintain Hardwood Floors

Caring for Your New Floors


A home with hardwood floors creates a sense of warmth and ease. Maintaining their beauty, however, should be taken into consideration before purchasing and after installing. Although it may be routine to simply take out a mop and bucket of water to do the job, there are different ways to preserve the appearance of your floors.
Depending on the type of flooring, each one may have a different finish as well. By taking the time and effort to maintain your floors, their newly installed appearance will last and continue to beautify your space. First, one must determine the type of finish their floors have. By asking the installer, you’ll be able to obtain this information and know how to properly treat your hardwood home. If you are not sure the type of finish, simply call a local hardwood flooring company so that they can determine the finish.

Cleaning your Hardwood Floors

Today, most floors are finished with polyurethane and polyacrylic. These surface-sealed floors are easy to clean and save a lot of time. By having stain and water resistant floors, your cleanup is simply a sweep and mop. Although these sealed floors are very durable, it is still important to treat them the right way in order to preserve their original look.
Along with surface sealed floors, there are also stains that penetrate through the wood, giving a different finish. If the stain has done such, you probably have a soft oil finish. These floors tend to appear more in older homes that have been restored and refinished. In order to care for these floors, one must first identify the area that needs cleaning and the cause of the stain.


Oil Based Finishes

If you are dealing with an oil based stain on a soft oil finish, dishwasher detergent is your new best friend. Gently rub the area with a soft cloth and detergent and rinse with clean water. However, if you are attempting to remove pet stains and dark spots, your approach will be different. Rubbing the spot with steel wool and floor wax is the most effective way to clean the area.
Treatments that penetrate sealed floors and oil stains need to be approached with the utmost care. Some finishes don’t require as much care as others, however it is crucial to do the research in order to prevent any damage. By maintaining your hardwood floors, you are sure to be welcome home by fantastic looking floors and beautiful spaces. Here at Denver Carpet and Hardwood, we provide you with all the care you will need to fully enjoy your new flooring.