Unique Flooring Ideas


A New Look for the New Year

All year homeowners talk about how they want to renovate their home. Another year has passed and for many, their home looks the same. Some owners feel as if they should completely gut their home in order to make changes but that simply is not true. Sometimes something as simple as replacing the flooring can give your space an instant boost. Here are a few ways you can incorporate flooring in your home for a unique look.

Ways to Lay Your Flooring

Simply laying one type of flooring is not your only option. Here is a list of ways to incorporate flooring in your home that is simply inspired.
Mixing Different Types of Wood– Using only one type of wood is classic but if you want to make a statement, use a mixture of wood. Use wood with similar tones or that come from the species but vary in shade. This works especially well in larger homes as the floor makes a bigger impact.
Incorporate Flooring on the Walls– Just because the norm is using certain materials for flooring does not mean you have to play by those rules. Use hardwood flooring as your baseboard or molding to give your home a different look. Or go for a cabin feel by going hardwood floor to ceiling. Tile flooring also makes for a great backsplash in your kitchen and works well in bathroom walls as well.
Unique Materials– Bamboo and cork flooring are two types that are not often used in one’s home. They are on the rise and are especially gorgeous and extremely durable. Cork flooring is great to use in high traffic areas like the entryway of your home and the kitchen since it is not susceptible to damage. Bamboo is a great alternative to hardwood flooring if you are looking to make an environmentally friendly choice. This is because bamboo is not fully chopped down which means it will continue to grow after being harvested for your flooring.

Denver Flooring

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