How to Stay Toasty and Warm in Your Home This Winter

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Do Not Be Left Out in the Cold

Winter is here and so is the chill that comes with it. Your home is the respite from the constant cold you find outdoors. What are you to do when the cold has invaded your home? There are many factors that affect the temperature of your home and let in the freezing temperature. That does not mean you should simply sit by and let your home turn into an igloo. Here are a few solutions that will keep your home comfortably warm this winter.

How to Keep Your Home Warm

The outside weather can easily enter your home through improperly seal windows and doors. These cracks allow warm air to escape which makes your heating system work harder than it needs to. Simply seal your windows and doors to keep out the cold.
If your heating system is still not heating your home as it should then that is a sign of a problem. Have your HVAC system inspected to ensure dirt and debris are not inhibiting airflow. Make sure to have it serviced twice a year to ensure it runs smoothly.
Your flooring can also be a contributing factor to a cold home. A subfloor is needed when installing any kind of flooring. It acts as another form of insulation as well as being a supportive structure. If you do not have the subfloor then you run the risk of letting in air from the floor into your home.
While you switch your thinner blankets for thicker ones during the winter, be sure to switch out your window fixtures as well. Heavier curtains conserve the warmth by preventing the warm air from escaping through the cold glass.

Carpet in Denver, CO

If your toes are still hesitant to touch the hardwood floors first thing in the morning, compromise by installing carpet in your home. Carpet will keep your feet toasty warm without the need for socks or slippers.
If you are looking to make the switch, Denver Carpet and Hardwood LLC has a wide variety of gorgeous carpet for you to choose from. For additional information about our carpet or installation services, peruse our site.