Protecting Your Carpet During the Holidays


Surviving the Holidays

Every host knows that planning and executing a holiday party can take its toll on your person and your home. Cold weather means rain and snow and a party means heavier foot traffic in your home. The combination of those two equals to your floor taking a beating this holiday season. Here are tips to prevent your carpet from becoming stained beyond recognition.

How to Prevent Carpet Stains

Before your guests arrive and track in all the elements found in the great outdoors, lay down mats in the outside of and inside the entryway. This will encourage guests to wipe their feet before they enter your home and even if they do not, the mats will pick up most of the debris.

Any good holiday party will have plenty of food being served and drinks being poured. There are bound to be food dropped and drinks spilled and to avoid staining, they must be treated as soon as possible. Be sure to pick up all food before it is embedded into the carpet from a guest stepping on it. Identify the liquid that spilled and treat it accordingly, if you do not have cleaner on-hand, treat with club soda in the meantime.

Try to steer guests away from areas in your home with carpet by subconsciously sending them in another area. You set up the food in an area in your home that does not have carpet but contains the food and plenty of seating. Or you can have a more formal sit-down dinner so your guests are not carrying food and drink around.

Once the party is over, be sure to vacuum your carpet to ensure you have picked up all items that could stain your carpet. Keep in mind the more thorough job you do will remove all debris that can become lodged deep in your carpet and bring up stains later.

Denver Carpet installation

Carpeting quality has increased over time to make it easier for homeowners to maintain a clean household. At Denver Carpet and Hardwood LLC, we install Stainmaster carpet flooring which is great for any home. It is stain resistant due to every fiber being covered in Fiber Shield so you never have to worry spills at any of your holiday parties. Be prepared this season by having it installed today! For a free estimate, contact us at (303)667-0085.