Pre-finished Hardwood vs Finished Hardwod

When people have aging carpet or old linoleum in their home, then they may be interested in hardwood floors Denver. Professional installers can put new flooring in place and leave any home looking great, but the homeowners have to make a few decisions regarding finish options and colors. While they may know what color they want, they may not have considered the difference between pre-finished floors and those that are finished after installation.

Pre-finished hardwood flooring - Denver.The Key Difference

Prefinished floors are stained and given a protective coating at the factory. They come ready to install and enjoy. Unfinished floors must be sanded, stained and finished after installation. Both options come with a few pros and cons, so it’s important to understand the difference. Here are a few of the features to consider with each option.


Faster Installation Time with Prefinished
Once prefinished floors are put in place, they’re ready for regular use. The factory finish is already dry and ready for furniture and foot traffic. Unfinished floors must go through a few more steps after they’re in place. They must be sanded and stained, and then a protective layer needs to be added for greater durability. Rather than using the floor right away, homeowners can expect to wait several days to a full week before the floors are ready for use.

Perfectly Smooth Floors with Unfinished
One of the key differences between the floors is the edges of each plank. Prefinished floors come with a lightly beveled edge that allows for slight variations between boards. This isn’t a concern with unfinished floors because they’re sanded and smoothed on site. Any slight variations are worked out during this process for a floor that’s flawless. However, most homeowners don’t notice the beveling after the floors are installed, so this is rarely an issue.

Stronger Protective Finish from the Factory
It’s important for homeowners to note that the factory applied finishes are generally more even and more durable. The factories can apply special sealers that can last for years without requiring refinishing services. These powerful protectants are not generally available for commercial use. They include aluminum oxide for greater strength and durability. Floors that are finished on-site will probably need to be refinished again before those with a factory-applied finish.

Less Mess without Finishing

Finishing floors is a messy process. The sanding process sends dust throughout the home, and the stains typically have a bad odor. Professionals take steps to minimize the hassle, but many homeowners choose to avoid it completely by opting for prefinished floors.

Custom Option with In-Home Finishing

Many homeowners are happy with the color choices available from the factory, but these are designed to appeal to the greatest number of people. They’re commonly found in homes throughout the nation, and they aren’t likely to stand out in any setting. When homeowners want something more unique, they should choose unfinished floors that can be customized to suit their needs. This is the best way to get custom colors, creative patterns and unique finishes that aren’t readily available from the factory.

Refinishing Considerations
Finishes on wood floors never wear evenly. Depending on furniture placement, floors eventually wind up with spots that are barely worn and other areas that are down to the wood. At-home finishes typically sand away more evenly so that less wood is ultimately removed. One drawback to factory finishes is that more wood winds up being stripped away as workers strive to remove the old finish and keep everything even. Prefinished floors are also more difficult to perform site repairs on. The good news is that prefinished floors are extremely durable and generally last for years if not decades. Use felt furniture pads to avoid scratches and keep all of your floors looking great.

When homeowners are in the market for Denver hardwood floors, they’ll have to choose between unfinished and prefinished options. Either one will be a beautiful addition to any home, and they’re both very durable. Prefinished floors are ready to use upon installation, but unfinished floors allow people to choose custom colors. The factory finishes are generally more durable, and you won’t have to wait for the professionals to apply the new finish. Floors sanded and stained in your home are easier to refinish later, and that’s a good thing because the finish probably won’t last as long. There is no right or wrong choice regarding flooring products, but it is important for homeowners to know exactly what to expect when they invest in new hardwood flooring.