Preparing for Flooring Installation


Home Flooring Installation

The process of renovating your home flooring involves a few different steps. From selecting your flooring to installation, it may seem more effort than it is worth. As you go along, you will find that having the right plan can enable the process to run along with ease. Installation is the part that requires the most effort to ensure everything is done correctly. Here is a checklist to follow to help speed up and process and ensure everything was installed correctly.

Pre-Installation Steps to Follow

Since your old flooring will be ripped up, there are several measures to take to plan for floor removal.
1. Check with your flooring installer to see if your contract covers the removal of your old flooring. If it does not, you will have to make plans to have it removed by them for another price, do it yourself, or hire another company to do so.
2. Ensure that the rooms to be renovated are cleared of all furniture and valuables. Store them in boxes away from the work area to ensure they stay safe. Same with all hanging objects such as pictures and paintings on the wall.
3. Cover furniture or appliances that cannot be removed, such as cabinets or large appliances. This will protected them from dust or sanding that may occur during the installation process.
4. If you have a preference of pattern or direction of the flooring, be sure to discuss it with your installer prior to work being started. You can ask them for their insight to what will work best if you do not have a preference.

Post Installation Steps to Follow

1. Act as an inspector once the installation is complete. If there are any concerns, now is the time to bring them up rather than wait.
2. Keep in mind that certain aspects of your home may need touch-ups after installation. New flooring can be higher and require doors to be sanded down. Walls and base boards may need to be cleaned and repainted.
3. Clean-up is normally done by the installation crew but you will need to clean your new floor after installation. There will be excess floorboards since not all pieces will be used in most cases. At minimum, 3 days is requires for ventilation after flooring is laid down.

Install Hardwood Floor in Broomfield, CO

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